5 Fundamental Differences between Behavioral Interventions vs. the Developmental Perspective in the Intervention of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioral intervention has become standard care in the world of Autism Spectrum Disorder. As there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to intervening in Autism spectrum disorder, I salute our behavioral colleagues for their success in lobbying their method of care and being so successful in gaining…

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Three Reasons your Child may exhibit Rigid Behavior

“Moira is so rigid! She wants everything her way and no other highway! Her siblings are fed up that her choices always seem to rule and her friends are tired of being bossed around. She is so self-centered and it is all about her. She keeps everyone hostage so that…

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Finding Joy in your Child!

I frequently walk the hallways of our private practice and my ears pick up the sounds of enjoyment, laughter and escalating arousal in a fun way. Whenever I hear a child produce a deep belly laugh, my heart warms within me and I simply have to share it with my…

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